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Something Big Is Happening In Nebraska:

The University of nebraska's five-year strategy

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In the Midwest, We Do Things Right

Nebraska: In the Middle of Everything

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The Five-Year Strategy Process

In February 2020, the newly named president of the University of Nebraska system, Ted Carter, gathered a diverse 28-member team of students, faculty, staff, and administrators to help chart the path forward for Nebraska’s public university. The team’s goal: At a time of great change in higher education, lay out a vision for what the future should look like for the University of Nebraska.

From that early work has emerged a five-year plan for growth and success across the four-campus University of Nebraska system. In addition to the strategic planning team, Carter engaged alumni and donors, elected leaders, leaders in business and agriculture, the Board of Regents, NU senior leadership, and others in conversations about the University’s future.

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Charting Our Course in Unprecedented Times

The University of Nebraska's Five-Year Strategy is built around the core belief that the value of higher education is as great today as it was when the University of Nebraska was founded more than 150 years ago.

It is designed to fulfill our most fundamental promises to Nebraskans: That we will provide their children with an affordable, quality education, culminating in a timely degree, that prepares them for success in life and work. That we will work hard, use common sense, act decisively and spend our money wisely. That we will be a University for all—welcoming and inclusive, open to all voices.

In short, that we’ll get things done the Nebraska way.

"This strategy aims to provide hope, predictability and positive outcomes for Nebraskans. The trust and confidence of the people of our state is our most precious asset. We will work every day to earn it."

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Ted Carter
President, University of Nebraska

Leadership Matters: University of Nebraska President Ted Carter

Ted Carter has spent nearly 40 years leading young Americans and knows how education can change a person’s life—because he has experienced it himself. As president of the University of Nebraska, it’s his calling to help future generations of young people experience that same transformative power.

Carter is a graduate of the Navy Fighter Weapons School (Top Gun) and served as an F-14 Tomcat flight instructor, rising to commander, rear admiral and vice admiral before leading the U.S. Naval War College. He most recently served as superintendent of the U.S. Naval Academy, his alma mater, where he oversaw significant progress in diversity, graduation rates and other areas.

The right leader at the right time can make all the difference. We are fortunate that someone who has served his country for nearly 40 years, spent decades training young men and women to be leaders, commanded a fleet, and holds the American record for aircraft carrier-based plane landings is at the helm of one of America’s great universities during this unprecedented time.

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Five-Year Strategy Key Priorities

The University of Nebraska’s Five-Year Strategy articulates key priorities—starting with students—and offers specific targets against which to measure progress. These priorities are highly relevant in today's environment and will be critical in defining the future of higher education in our state.

Broad themes include student access and success, excellence in teaching and research, diversity and inclusion, partnerships, and fiscal effectiveness.

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Strategic Plan Committee

A broadly representative transition team from across the University of Nebraska helped put together a five-year strategic plan for the University system.

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