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Driving innovation

Encouraging Digital Transformation at Nebraska

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Unified ITS Improving Efficiencies and Service

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We listen, collaborate, and participate directly with a wide range of partners, committees, and teams across the NU system. We continually identify strategies to increase efficiency and enhance operational effectiveness as a division, while also driving innovation and encouraging digital transformation at the University of Nebraska. Our NU ITS organization's five strategic goals are:

  • Services
  • Security
  • Scale
  • People
  • Alignment

ITS Services

What We Do and How We Do IT

Our staff provide consistent, reliable IT services and support to NU students, faculty and staff throughout the year. In addition, here are some of the exciting initiatives we worked to advance in the past and through our Innovation Hub.

The University of Nebraska Innovation Hub aims to help our partners — students, faculty and staff across the NU community — design and deliver transformative experiences that enhance teaching, learning, research and the student experience via technology.


ITS Strategic Plan 

ITS is a unified division supporting the Kearney, Lincoln and Omaha campuses, as well as the University of Nebraska system.  Our organization continually listens and partners with faculty, staff, students and administration to understand the most critical needs and ensure that our IT services are advancing campus and system goals.


Campus ITS Sites

NU ITS also works closely with UNMC on procurement and standardized technologies.

ITS Support



Blocked security attacks a day


Students, Faculty, and Staff served throughout Nebraska


Services offered across ITS


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